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About Us

Stag Leap Cabins is a small, family-owned business that started operation in 1993. The original cabin, Stag Leap (aka Treehouse), was a bachelor pad that owner Wayne Collins, and his son, Kirby, built while Kirby was in college. Kirby vacated the cabin in 1993 when he married his wife, Sabrina. Not wanting the cabin to remain empty, Wayne and Mattie decided to turn the cabin into a bed & breakfast. Several years later, Kirby decided to quit his full-time job as a recruiter in the home health industry and go into business with his parents. Wayne and Kirby built all of the cabins themselves, and Mattie decorated them. Antlers, the 3rd cabin built, was a fantastic undertaking of cutting and curing our own logs from the property and learning how to notch and chink the logs. It is truly our crown jewel.

Stag Leap Cabins is a true family-operated business. Wayne & Mattie live on the property in the main house and enjoy greeting all of our guests upon their arrival. Kirby helps with daily operations and maintenance on the property. His wife, Sabrina, helps with reservations and the online side of the business. Their youngest daughter, Sydney, helps with bookkeeping, cabin cleaning, social media, and reservations. Their oldest daughter, Kaylyn, helps with graphics and photography. No matter who helps you, we want to be sure to answer your questions and make you feel right at home.  So give us a call and come stay with us so YOU can become part of the Stag Leap family experience!